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'Lost' gets interesting with portal discovery
"Lost" regular Terry O'Quinn reports things will be getting curiouser and curiouser on the island wonderland the plane crash survivors inhabit on the hit ABC drama.

"The character Boone (Ian Somerhalder) and I have found a hatch in the woods in the jungle ... a metal thing with a window," said the actor who plays the mysterious Locke on the show. "In the episode that I'm working on now, we're trying to open it."

O'Quinn said that fans of the popular ABC drama about airplane crash survivors on an island already know that Locke "was a paraplegic and couldn't walk before the plane crash. He wanted to go on this Australian Walkabout [a journey of self-discovery the Aborigines do], but when he flew there, they wouldn't let him because he was confined to a wheelchair. He thought that going there was going to answer his questions and give him his ambulatory powers back and all that stuff, but it didn't happen. Then the plane crashed and he decided that this was, in fact, his destiny. The back story that we're shooting now predates all that stuff. This Locke back story and the opening of the hatch are interrelated. His coming to the island and his faith in the island as a deity or entity is tied into his remembering something from his past and it all ties together in a weird, wonderful kind of way."

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