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Lost Boys on Season One DVD

Terry O'Quinn on the Complete First Season DVD For Lost:
“Just more entertainment. If they haven’t seen it, it’ll bring them up to speed and they can enjoy the second season, and if they have, they must be fans. Maybe they’ll get a few more things.”

Why There's No Terry O'Quinn Audition on the Lost Complete First Season DVD:
“I didn’t actually audition. I had worked with JJ before so he called me and he asked me if I wanted a part on this show that was going to shoot in Hawaii. He said you won’t have a lot to do at first but it will develop into something more. And I said I’ll take it.”

Terry O'Quinn on Moving to Hawaii:
“Well, my wife and I had wanted to move away from the place we were. We had thought about it for a couple of years. This seemed like a good opportunity since we’re going to be here nine months of the year, at least for this year and last year. I find it easier at the moment to work here than just to be about. During the summer I did a lot of bike riding, swimming in Waimea Bay, lot of walking along the beaches. I’ve heard that the first year is the toughest to get accustomed to.“

Terry O'Quinn on the Hatch Set:
“The set is not like Disneyland but I like being outside better than inside.” And what does it look like? “I can’t tell you that. It’s the hatch.”

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