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Until a few years ago, Terry O'Quinn was probably best known for his performance in the creep-out flicks in the Stepfather series. Almost 16 years after the final installment of that film series, O'Quinn returns to the small screen in a role no less suspenseful, and in some cases perplexing: as Locke, a survivalist who miraculously regains use of his legs when the Lost survivors land, O'Quinn has become source of much speculation as a cast member who may know more than he reveals.

IGN DVD: What will people get out of the release of Lost on DVD?
Terry O'Quinn:
Just more entertainment. If they haven't seen it, it will bring them up to speed and they can enjoy the second season. If they have, they must be fans; maybe they'll get a few more things.

IGN: Did you audition for anyone but Locke?
No, I didn't actually audition. I had worked with JJ [Abrams] before, so he called me and he asked me if I wanted a part on this show that was going to shoot in Hawaii. He said you won't have a lot to do at first but it will develop into something more. And I said 'I'll take it'.

IGN: Can you relate to Locke's philosophical nature?
Yes I can. I can relate to somebody wanting to have something to believe in.

We heard you're moving to Hawaii.
Up on the North Shore of Oahu.

IGN: Have you already bought a house?
We're in the process right now - just about to move in.

So you're pretty sure that you won't be dying on the show soon?
Well, my wife and I had wanted to move away from the place we were. We had wanted to do that before. We had thought about it for a couple of years. This seemed like a good opportunity, since we're going to be here nine months of the year, at least for this year and last year.

IGN: What can you tell us about the new season?
I can't tell you anything about the new season. I went in the hatch. I went down the hatch. I know what's in it and I don't think that fans will be disappointed. It's not more teasing. Questions are answered but more enigmas are created.

IGN: How do you like working in the new soundstage?
Pretty good. It's not like Disneyland, but I like being outside better than inside.

IGN: How is it set up?
I can't tell you that. It's the hatch.

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