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Channel 4 Web-Chat
The wonderful Terry O'Quinn dropped by for an exclusive Lost webchat and told us how Matt Dillon would be one of the 3 things he'd take to a desert island. Find out why...
Chat Ed : Good evening everyone and welcome to a very special Lost webchat with Terry O’Quinn who plays John Locke!
Terry O’Quinn : Hello everyone, I’m here from sunny Hawaii…
Becca_Michigan : Hi Terry. I’d like to know, how has your life changed since being in Lost?
Terry O’Quinn : I grew up in Michigan, Becca, in the Upper Peninsula actually... My life has changed dramatically in that respect. Whereas people in Michigan right now are looking out at bare trees and grey skies I'm looking over the blue Pacific at Kaena Point. That's one example. But what else, let me think… More people recognise me now and they know why they do. A lot of people used to recognise me before and not know why.
Kiowa Warrior : Did you have any special training for your knife throwing scenes, or did the skill come naturally to you?!
Terry O’Quinn : No special training. To the extent I can do it I learnt through experimentation, so I'm a self-taught knife-thrower!
Noodles : Terry you have now worked with J.J on both Alias and Lost, what makes him so good to work for?
Terry O’Quinn : He's full of energy and he's highly imaginative and he seems to be able to cast people who get along and who really fit their roles.
Ao : You have been in a number of major US TV shows, is there anything about the Lost production that suggested it would be as big as it has become?
Terry O’Quinn : Well when we made the pilot it was apparent that it was either going to be a huge success or a huge bust. I could have flipped a coin in my mind, butwe couldn't really predict how people would respond. I knew it was a quality show and also that it was enormously expensive, but I was aware that ABC, having spent so much money, wouldn't let it die easily, but they took a bit chance and so far, it's paid off.
Anna : How do you feel about female attention from Lost/Locke fanatics?
Terry O’Quinn : It doesn't suck! We're sort of tucked away here on the north shore of Oahu so I hear more about it than I experience. As far as I'm concerned it's still just a rumour ;)
Peter : A lot of 'mystery' has been hinted at in the shows, and much of it by or about Locke, how much do you actually know about the mysteries of Locke?
Terry O’Quinn : I know almost nothing until I get the script and film the episode. So I'm only a month or so ahead of our audience. For you guys there in the UK I guess I'm a year or so ahead of you, but they tell me very little in advance and as far as I know the same applies to all the cast.
Kala : Do you think having you in a show gives it some sort of mystical bonus…West Wing, Alias, Lost, all huge shows :)
Terry O’Quinn : I would love to think that was true! But Lost is the only one that began with me in it. I joined the others in progress. But I wouldn't mind if people started thinking that way. The West Wing was as close as I can come to imagining being in the real West Wing - the Hollywood version. It was intense, very professional and fast and took itself extremely seriously. So much so that it made me think of how I view politicians in that they take themselves more seriously than anyone else takes them.
Mags : What three things would you take if you were stranded on a dessert island?
Terry O’Quinn : I'm going to assume that there's food and water, so I don't need them. I'll take my wife, my books and Matt Dillon because my wife loves Matt Dillon and that will give me time to read.
Al : What has been your favourite show to work on? The west wing looks fun.
Terry O’Quinn : There are lots of good experiences from other shows. The best is Lost though by far. And the degree of my involvement has been great. I loved working on Alias because of Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Carl Lumbly and Michael Vartan and the rest of the cast. Those are the experiences I am happiest with - the ones that include truly wonderful, happy, professional people.
Boone180 : Hey Terry. There are still so many unanswered questions about Locke's past. Did you enjoy playing John and watching as his story slowly unfolded?
Terry O’Quinn : Yes, I love playing John, I get impatient, like hopefully the audience does, to know how everything happened. But I'm very happy playing Locke.
superbunny22 : Do you like nature and being without modern technology like you character?
Terry O’Quinn : As long as everyone else is in the same boat - I'd be happy! The world would probably be a better place.
Vinnywhu : Hey Terry. Love you on Lost - by far the best character! Just wondering if you have any plans to return for the season finale of Alias?
Terry O’Quinn : No plans to return, no. I haven't talked to JJ but no one's ruled it out. No one's discussed it though.
Ash : If you didn’t play Locke who would you rather play?
Terry O’Quinn : Probably Sawyer because it looks like fun.
Oh~my~gosh! : Hi Terry, you rule! What’s it like working with the other cast members and whom do you get on with most??
Terry O’Quinn : It's a pleasure working with them. They are all younger than I am and no one gives me a hard time about that, which is good. I really love working with everybody. I just got done doing a scene with Dom and I love working with him, I like his process and he's a sweetheart.
carly rafter : how does it feel to have gone from boxing to acting?
Terry O’Quinn : I wish I knew! Somehow some website came up with a history for me which included boxing, karate, body-guarding and some mysterious military activity - none of which ever happened! I wish I had those skills but I'm fairly satisfied with my actual history. Which, in short, can be summarised as… When I went to college I started doing theatre - I had done 1 play in our little town in high school and just fell in love with theatre in college, I stayed there for 5 years, no degree but lots of theatrical experience. From there I went to New York and spent the first, basically, 10 years of my career doing theatre - a little in New York but more in regional theatre up and down the coast. I did my first movie in 1979, got married that year too to Laurie, my wife, and then probably for the next 5 years did theatre and some films and I've done primarily all film and TV since 1985.
Robsum : how many seasons of lost is there planed
Terry O’Quinn : I don't have any idea - I don't get told what's next week! I'm sure they'd like to go until they're all fat and rich - so we'll see.
Kelly : what are you doing for Christmas?
Terry O’Quinn : My wife and I are going to LA to visit with our 2 sons for a week or so, and then back here to paradise.
DharmaLost : Hey Terry!!! Your great as Locke!! My mum is in love with you!!

Charles :What's in store for Locke in future episodes?
Terry O’Quinn : As far as telling people what is going to occur in future episodes to me that's akin to spending a lot of money doing a beautiful wrapping job for the present, setting it under the tree and then telling the kid what's in it. Why spoil Christmas?
devane92 : Terry you rule!!

hitchhiker42 : what's the most import thing you ever lost?
Terry O’Quinn : My innocence ;)
KateBarry : Have you learnt any British slang from Dominic Monaghan?
Terry O’Quinn : None that I can repeat, Kate! Naveen is actually more willing to put it out there.
Gergeman : Were there any embarrassing moments when filming?

*Pippin* : My mum pure worships you dude!
Terry O’Quinn : Not really no. An actor who gets embarrassed easily doesn't have much range. Although we were recently doing a photo shoot for Vanity Fair and we weren't wearing our costumes; we were wearing something they gave us. We were standing in the water for the photo and the pants that I was wearing turned translucent when I got wet and some of us "go jungle" here when we're working (sans underwear) so now you know what the monster is!
Interested : what episode have you most enjoyed doing?
Terry O’Quinn : I enjoyed ‘Walkabout’ which was the third episode where we learned about Locke and the wheelchair. We were still early in the process and I had a lot to do and I thought it was a beautiful episode.
John C T : Congratulations on the character of Locke. He is the best character to appear on television for a very long time. Your acting is superb. Do you film the flashbacks first before the scenes on the island or after? How long does it take to film the series?
Terry O’Quinn : It varies - they're all jumbled up and mixed up, no particular order, it just depends on which locations become available. We start shooting in late July/early August and we film until approximately the end of April, so it's like a school year, with 2 weeks off for Christmas.
Chat Ed : OK folks, sadly our half hour with Terry is now up. Thank you for all your questions and huge thanks to Terry for being such a wonderful guest.

Lostalot : Thanks for the chat Terry!

**ME** : Bye Bye Terry! Love ya mate!

Jazzy Jane : Bye Terry you’re the best

Duggy : terry you are a legend
Terry O’Quinn : Glad you're all watching and hope you enjoy the rest of the season. And Merry Christmas!
lost5513 : bye Cool Dude!!!

Jokerboy : Bye terry

Me : dude u rock!

Terry O’Quinn leaves the room