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John Locke

Apr 03 2005
I can't say if it's easy or difficult to play Locke. It's always challenging and often satisfying. When I first read a script I begin thinking about the scenes that involve me and don't stop thinking about them until well after we've shot them. I'm sure they're rattling around in my head even when I'm unaware of it. I truly enjoy the character and the process of putting on film.

Mar 11 2005
If we (Locke and I) overlap I'm not conscious of where it might be. I am often aware of how not like him I am, but often have people tell me he's just like me so, I guess I'm the wrong person to ask. Maybe someone who knows me well would have a more informative answer. Sorry I couldn't be clearer, but thanks for your interest. I'm better looking than him, I'm pretty sure of that.

Jan 21 2005
It's almost as if Locke thinks of the Island possesses some sort of conciousness, and believes in it's benevolence, or at least it's rightness. Hey, I'm curious too.

think he believes in strong measures when necessary, and the blow to Boone's head did seem a little risky, but he clearly didn't intend to kill Boone. Other than that, he hasn't really taken any radical chances with anyone's safety.......................(has he) And let's face it, Boone was particularly dense in his obsession. At any rate, I think Locke has so much faith in himself at this time, and faith in the Island, that he acts without much hesitancy. Let's see what happens when he's faced with a tougher choice.

Jan 17 2005
I don't think it's a coincidence, especially since in the essay, Locke the philosopher seems to be supporting the angle that our Locke is trying to live. I don't think our Locke is necessarily versed in philosophy but his personal views seem to be in sync with the historical John Locke.

Jan 15 2005
Locke is more into spirituality than government, or perhaps he's just smart enough to realize that spirituality and mysticism are as real and potent in the true human experience as the more "practical" and mundane of our undertakings................."two sides of the same coin" sort of thing. Me personally.........................I like the magic side, and I believe in it..

Jan 10 2005
I don't think their plans are as simple as that. I've had no indication that they'll expose Locke as anything other than what he is, which is..............um..........a complicated individual who has a range of perception that's perhaps more developed than some and who sees no reason not to act on his instincts when he's convinced he percieves the truth beneath the pretence. (whew)

Jan 08 2005
As far as we've seen, Locke has no reason to want to go back to civilization. The Island is pretty much of a paradise so far. I don't know what's in store for him in the future but it occurs to me that he may get a little lonely somewhere down the road. I'm not sure how the writers plan to handle that if at all. Perhaps he's operating on a higher plane? I don't know. I don't think I'd care for a plane that high but.................we'll see.

Dec 27 2004
My mindset for Locke is pretty much....NO RULES! He's been set free and he's a free agent. Keep your cool......watch......act when you're sure....smell the roses....and eat 'em if they're safe. Study people. I guess that's sort of it.

Dec 18 2004
I figured after a couple of episodes that Locke was getting stronger on the island, and because of that, elements of his personality that he never showed or even realized are coming out. Maybe his destiny and his life mission is coming clearer to him. These are theories of mine. I haven't really discussed any of this with the writing staff. I make judgements based on what they give me and if they don't like what they get from me, I trust them to tell me. Thanks for the interest. A lot of these questions actually help me look at what I'm doing from a different angle.

Dec 13 2004
I think about Locke's voice, and his attitude, and his faith, and his gratitude. And when I say faith, I don't mean religion, I haven't adressed that aspect of his character, but if he wasn't spiritual before, he certainly is now. His faith may be in the island itself and I guess time will tell if it's misplaced or not.

Dec 11 2004
I was told a few things about Locke's history when we were shooting "Walkabout" but I'm beginning to think, given some of Locke's particular abilities, that his history is still developing, so to speak.
I'm having a really great time playing Locke. The writers are walking a fine line with the character and I'm just trying not to fall off.

Locke saw the eye of the island and he told me...precisely, nothin'. And I'm not bein'cute. He's a very secretive guy and only speaks through intermediaries like Damon and Carlton and Javi and Jen, etc. I said I needed something and Damon said, "I'll tell you this. It's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen." I said, "O.K. I can work with that." After all, I've seen Jennifer Garner. Not to mention Evangeline, Maggie....and yeah, MY WIFE!! Forget all that other stuff. MYWIFE!MYWIFE!MYWIFE! (She is a beaut!)

Maybe Locke could smell the rain. He sensed something was gonna fall and it didn't smell like boxes! There was a scene in "The Moth" where Locke tells Charlie he'll get his guitar back. Charlie says "how do you know" and Locke says, "Because I have faith, Charlie." When Locke told Walt that he "had a miracle" I have to believe that he wasn't kidding. Something was awakened in Locke...given to him...,strength, sprituality, Mysticism. To look too hard for a logical explanation beyond his personal history is to deny the miracle. Locke has found faith....and I think he can do some of the things he does because his faith in himself, and his miracle, is enormous. Just a guess, but I gotta have something to work with.

I think that Locke, like anyon given a second chance, appreciates everything a lot more and sees everything more clearly.

There was a scene in "The Moth" where Locke tells Charlie he'll get his guitar back. Charlie says "how do you know" and Locke says, "Because I have faith, Charlie." When Locke told Walt that he "had a miracle" I have to believe that he wasn't kidding. Something was awakened in Locke...given to him...,strength, sprituality, Mysticism. To look too hard for a logical explanation beyond his personal history is to deny the miracle. Locke has found faith....and I think he can do some of the things he does because his faith in himself, and his miracle, is enormous. Just a guess, but I gotta have something to work with.

Dec 06 2004
I think Locke's dangerous because he's driven, and yet he's not certain of his direction. I think he truly believes he was destined to be in this place and that his purpose will be revealed. I picture him often looking beyond where he is or whom he's talking with. He is trying to anticipate. He's trying to "catch the tune" of the place and he's pretty sure he hears more than anyone else...so far, but he's no fool, and he knows that one underestimates any other person or thing at one's peril.

The cast & crew
Mar 28 2005
We have a pretty big cast so we all get a break from time to time. I think some of the cast get together from time to time. I live a little separate from most of them so I haven't socialized much but it's always great to see them, and I look forward to those days when everyone is called to work. It's like a special gathering and work is a little slow because everyone's happy to see each other.

Jan 17 2005
Favorite cast member? You kiddin'? Let's just say there's nobody I don't like, and leave it at that.

Jan 15 2005
Naveen Andrews (Sayid) plays beautifully. He and I sometimes play toghther at the beach..................harmonize............Sawyer too. We do a great rendition of "I Shall Be Released" by Bob Dylan, if I do say so. It's a pleasure to have these guys to work and play with.

Dec 27 2004
I'm not too surprised at the youth of the creators of the show. Most of our brains are really zipping when we're that age. What makes someone special is getting control of all those cells and putting them to good use.........maybe. Lost is a completely new and unique experience for me....at least as much as it is for fans of the show. I'm having as much fun as I ever have in front of the camera. A lot of that has to do with the people around me, cast and crew.

Dec 26 2004
Josh is a real good guy and is a lot of fun to be around. He's a genuine free spirit and a free-wheeler. We've shot some hoops together and played some guitar. He's easy to be around....a good guy. My wife is nuts about him, by the way.

Dec 11 2004
I went to my local Starbucks one morning on my way to the set and the woman behind the counter said "the kid was just in here." I said, "the kid?" "Blue eyes," she said. When I told Ian he said,"She called me a kid?" I told him he was a kid. Shutup. He's funny.

Filming Lost
Mar 29 2005
What kind of roles would I take? The one I have for starters. A lot of people, even in the business, think that if an actor could, he would always opt for film over television. I am very happy doing LOST. The schedule is demanding, but I like that. The work is fast and furious compared to film. I like that too. But most of all the role is wonderful, and I love that. If I could choose to do the role of Locke in a film or in my present situation. I would choose this series, with these people....................................................... and I hope I get to do it 'til I've had enough.

Mar 27 2005
Hey Princess I can't say I feel like I've "made it." I've been dodging Hollywood bullets too long to ever feel safe, I guess. But it does feel like a really nice break from the rampaging insecurity of an actor's life. Of course, I am aware that I could be eaten at any time which keeps me on my toes but, this has been a good time, and I hope it runs awhile.................................with me in it.

Mar 26 2005
I don't think Locke was written specifically for me. I'm not even sure if I was the first choice, but the role was offered to me. I didn't audition. JJ knew my work from ALIAS, so I guess that was my audition.

Mar 06 2005
We don't know anything until we get the script, about 4 or 5 days before we start to shoot the ep. So I guess we're a month or so ahead of you. I like watching the show when it airs, too, so it'll seem like a long time to me as well.

Feb 26 2005
Maybe it's boring, but I don't do pranks, or know of that many. It's not that it's all serious all the time, in fact it's usually a pretty relaxed atmosphere, but most of the energy on a set is focused on the work, and something that distracts from the work is burning time and energy. I hate to disappoint you, and maybe someone other than me will have a different take on it. The set is usually relaxed and jovial, but there is always and overriding sense of focus and intensity. You gotta get the day's work done.............................................bottom line.

Jan 26 2005
In all seriousness, I would've taken any role just when this one come along. I just got extremely lucky...................lucky to know JJ, lucky to be unemployed when he called, (although I certainly didn't think so the day before he called). I didn't know anything about the role when we started, but the more I work on it the more appealing it becomes.

Jan 19 2005
I have plenty of time when I'm on the set and can usually spend an hour or so at work practicing. Knife throwing is the only term I know. The knives I use are pretty heavy and have a certain rotation so that they can only be relied upon to arrive with the business end forward if I am the proper distance from the target, about 10, 20, or 30 feet. ( that's the farthest I've thrown) but I would never take any chances with another person. They have a tendency to srping back at you if they strike a certain way and I have made won hospital visit (5 stitches). No biggie but I gained respect. When they hit near a person, effects will handle that with a wire or something, I'd never willingly let anyone throw a knife anywhere near me.

Jan 19 2005
The character of Locke was not created for me specifically. I'm not even sure if I was the producers' first choice, but I'm extremely grateful that it worked out this way. I've had very little interaction with the writers, except to tell them thank you for putting such great words in Locke's mouth and such wonderful, weird thoughts in his big, bald head. My impact is all in performance, which is hashed out with the director of each episode, and influenced by the work of my cast - mates.

Jan 17 2005
The lighting effects are strictly in the hand of the director of photography (DOP). After we rehearse the scene, the DOP and his crew will set up the lights to have the best effect, based on what they saw in rehearsal. After that it's the actors' responsibility to be on the proper mark and at the proper angles to use the lighting effects the way they were intended, and if the actor misses it, well......................................we do it again.

Jan 15 2005
Honestly, I look forward to the script like a fan looks forward to the show, and once I get it, that's all I get. If there's something that's so obscure that I can't figure it out, I make a call..............and I'm always welcome to call and ask, but haven't really had to yet.

When I was fitted for those black and white contacts of Claire's dream. I was given some that had a blue - green tint and wore them for a few eps............didn't like 'em.........and more importantly, the wife didn't like 'em either.....so they're gone.

Jan 10 2005
We work five days a week (sometimes six), 12 hours a day, and take about eight shooting days to film a ep. Crazy as it sounds that comes out to 6 or 7 minutes of actual air time per day. I guess that's the reason the show looks as good as it does.......lotta man (and woman) hours per minute.

Jan 08 2005
It's been great for me to be in this large cast. I've had some great scenes to play as Locke. I don't think it's been the same for everyone. Some characters have gotten short shrift but hopefully, it will all even out.

Jan 06 2005
I love playing Locke. I love what the writers give me to say. Don't know where they're takin him but it's a great ride.

Locke's love....go figure....poor John needs another miracle. Damon tells me they're working on Locke's history but not when we'll see it... and they tell me nothing about it.

Dec 27 2004
I've been to the hospital once for an inadvertant slice to the hand while practicing with the knives as Locke! Five stitches! Other than that, the occasional sprain or ache. I got a good deal of mud in the eyes while doing a fight scene for LOST which hasn't aired yet. Had to see an eye doctor.

The writers don't generally ask the actors what they'd like to see happen..."that way madness lies" I invest a lot in trying to keep the performance interesting and in trying to serve the purpose that the writers have set for me as best I can, according to my interpretation. That's enough to keep me pretty occupied.

Dec 12 2004
I don't really know how to describe what I do.....I been doin' it so long. It's really just about focus and prepa ration....and a lot of it (a real lot of it ) is about listening to, and observing, and thinking about what the other characters are saying or doing......a lot of times when you see real good actors working, what's impressive is not what's happening when they're talking, but what's happening when they're not.

Dec 11 2004
We just about every other Saturday. It's tough on the crew, especially. Work late Saturday night, sleep in Sunday. Get up, wash your clothes, have a bite and a brew, back to bed and up early Monday. Very early. But you don't hear much complainin'.

Dec 06 2004
There've been several scenes I really enjoyed. The one with Jack in the jungle in which we talked about his leadership possibilities and I told him I'd looked into the eye of the island stands out.